A Tiny Snow-Living Possum Perched on Australia's Mountain Tops

Linda is a quietly spoken lady who wishes she could spend her entire life on the summit of mountains. Ironically, for an Australian, she loves the cold. When she embarked on research about rodents in the North American Rockies years ago, everyone thought she was mad. Students used to work during a summer 'field season' and write up their findings during winter - Linda was amongst the first to want to study things under the snow.

We join her near the summit of Australia's highest mountain, Kosciuszko. The Southern Alps Ski Club at Charlotte's pass was built in the 1950s, often requiring a few kilometre walk from 'Smiggins' and put pay to the tradition of formal dress for dinner. At that time, the summit was adorned by snow almost year round but it wasn't until ten years later that the rock-dwelling Pygmy Possum was discovered.

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