Australia's Wildlife in the Mouth of a Volcano

John has a particular fondness for snakes and took us around the Lava Tongue Boardwalk. Tourists walk past failing to notice them basking in the sunlight just a a metre from the track. A Dutch couple seem slightly concerned: "Are they venomous?", they ask. "Yes, John replies, "This Copperhead is the twelfth most dangerous snake in the world. They are everywhere, you'll have walked past plenty". They carried on ahead of us, looking a little nervous but within minutes were back. Now they'd learnt where to look and that the snakes are timid and indifferent to human presence, they'd found another one and brought us a photo to show. 

John finds it particularly rewarding when people realise they don't have to be afraid.

This film was produced with the kind assistance of Balangara Films

MUSIC Brett Winterford

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