Secret Orchids, Waiting to be Discovered

It's been said that Aboriginal people don't look 'at' the bush, they look 'through' it. They see the bush as a living thing that connects together as a whole. When you step into Australia's forests for the first time to learn that most of the trees are gums, it's daunting, it all looks the same. Over time, or with the help of other people, you learn to appreciate its texture. The harshness of the climate softens as you discover its colour and complexity. Lyn Harwood's fascination with orchids is in looking into the forest and finding these gems, invisible to the casual glance. As you crouch down next to a Beard Orchid, you suddenly look around and see several more, then as your awareness increases, they become abundant around you. They are like secrets waiting to be discovered.

Brett Winterford
Sleep Makes Waves

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